About us

At Atom Brands our philosophy is simple. We make and select liquids that are the best they can possibly be, and package them in a way that is awesome. We don’t compromise, we don’t cut corners and we don’t strive to fill niches or build back from arbitrarily-defined price-points. We build the very best liquids that we can. Day-in, day-out.

We believe that every single bottle of liquor we produce stands on two pillars: unique presentation, and liquid quality that’s genuinely world-class. A bottle isn’t going to get into a customer’s hands unless it makes them stop and do a double-take. That consumer isn’t going to buy again unless the liquid in that bottle is streets ahead of anything else they’ve tasted in the same category.

Our NPD team is constantly on the look-out for emerging trends and creates convention-defying, disruptive drinks brands. We don’t sit still, and there’s a lot more to come. Watch this space.

Atom Brands is part of Atom Group, a rapidly growing business that touches every part of the global spirits industry.