Announcing our partnership with ZX Ventures

So – a pretty big day for us here at Atom Brands.

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that today we have entered into a partnership with ZX Ventures, a division of AB InBev focused on global growth and innovation.

This partnership will allow us to move even faster towards our goals of sourcing and bottling the best whiskies, gins, and other spirits available anywhere, and distributing them to more people than ever before across the globe.

The implications of this investment in terms of our ability to source and produce the world’s finest spirits really can’t be overstated – the resources, distribution channels and opportunities that are opened up by this deal are simply epic in scale.

We recognise that there may be some trepidation here from our loyal customers – AB InBev is, after all, the world’s largest drinks company. Rest assured though – nothing will change as a result of this deal. Our entire team – including the leadership team – are here for the long haul, and are incredibly excited about what the future holds. Our overarching mission will remain the same as ever – we’re committed to making and selecting the best spirits in the world for our brands, and packaging them in a way that is awesome.

This deal will give us access to the resources needed to scale up our operations considerably – that means more incredible whisky for TBWC, more brands in the Boutique-y stable, the removal of the constraints around creating ever more exciting new brands, and crucially – the ability to bring all of our portfolio to more people  than ever before across the globe.

We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that this partnership will open up for the company, our people and our partners throughout the industry.

Thank you all, so much, for your incredible support to date – and we look forward to bringing you all with us on this next leg of our journey.

Jake Mountain