That Boutique-y whisky Company

That Boutique-y Whisky Company is an award-winning independent bottler and producer established in 2012. Famed for bottling exceptional Single Malts, Grain Whiskies, Bourbons and much more from around the globe and producing award-winning Blended Malts and Blended Whiskies too. Such delicious-y limited release batches make up a range of whiskies from the most innovative and the most intriguing distilleries (many of whom have long since closed their doors).

Every numbered bottle is adorned with a hand-illustrated label drawn by Emily Chappell and inspired in some way by the liquid, the distillery or the people who make it happen. Of course, sometimes, you just can’t miss a chance to stage a showdown between a velociraptor and a giant shark on a cargo ship. 

In 2023, Boutique-y Whisky released its first ever range of continuous whiskies representing a range of ages and geographies from across Scotland and one hirsute hitchhiker in the form of a Canadian Corn. Within the first year of their release, the whiskies picked up several gold and master medals across some of the most respected spirits awards going. Just Boutique-y doing Boutique-y things.